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The emphasis is mainly on:
  • Embracing multiple intelligences and diverse learning styles
  • A curriculum team that embraces the belief that curriculum must be “alive” and constantly evolving
  • Limited number of students in a class to ensure individual support & guidance
  • Conduct activities that are relevant to children’s lives and are varied enough to be challenging and engaging
  • Providing opportunities for learning, self- expression and self- discovery in a variety of areas such as, in music, drama, games, language activities and cooperative activities with peers.
  • Implementing a program that is thoughtfully planned, challenging, engaging, integrated, developmentally appropriate, and culturally and linguistically responsive, and that promotes positive outcomes for all children
  • A flexible curriculum to respond to children’s individual differences and is consistent with their ways of thinking and learning
  • Striking a balance between teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities- times when the teacher guides the children’s learning and times when children are given opportunities to choose activities to demonstrate their knowledge
  • Supporting children’s motivation to learn and helping them develop positive dispositions toward learning
  • Integrated topic studies, rather than whole-group instruction in isolated skills
  • Opportunities for children to learn by observing and experimenting with real objects
  • Group projects in which cooperation can occur naturally
  • A range of activities requiring the use of large and small muscles

Teacher – Child Ratio :-
Section Ratio
Toddler’s Program 1:5
Pre Play Group / The Toddler Transitional Programme 1.5
Playgroup 1:6
Nursery 1:8
Junior KG 1:10
Senior KG 1:10

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