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Our Ethos

Spring Buds International School aims at nurturing a child who is open, curious, eager, full of life, enthusiastic, happy and confident; not overburdened with books and crammed with figures. We believe that education is not justrestricted to books or within the four walls of the classroom. It is a continuous process of learning and growing. Without compartmentalizing or imposing structures in the child’s learning process, we create spaces in which the child can engage in a continuous and spontaneous exploration of self-discovery.

SBI aims to provide a creative environment, which is both stimulating and challenging where children can actively participate, grow and learn in a natural way. Children learn best through doing and we give ample opportunities to explore, experience and discover, a sensitive environment which understands the unexpressed thought of the child and cares for his/her uniqueness and independence. For effective learning, the environment needs to be conducive to learning, allowing the child the required space and time to interact within the learning and teaching process.

We would like to be facilitators of this unique system of learning whereby we are the friend and guide whom the child can trust and enjoy being with.

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