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It’s during the preschool years that a child’s potential is converted into actual intelligence. Spring Buds provides a positive preschool experience that enhances a child’s future learning and development.

The Toddler Programme
The Mother-Toddler Programme is an interactive programme that helps children develop some vital skills like colour identification, mathematical concepts, sorting, forming of sets, sequencing, eye-hand co-ordination, language, vocabulary and concentration. For this programme, the child has to be accompanied by the mother thrice a week.

The Toddler Transitional Programme
When a child is around one and a half years old, he/she can perform several activities with minimum assistance. Therefore, this programme is little more challenging, with 1 hour 30 minute sessions for five days a week. For this programme, the child comes to school without the parent & gets into a routine of coming to school & interacting with his peers.

In the preschool, the skills acquired in the earlier years are enhanced. Spring Buds Preschools aims at making the child independent while building a social, emotional and academic base. The curriculum not only covers language, math and science, but also includes several important skills that are essential building blocks for further learning. A variety of activities and field trips keeps the interest levels of the children high, so that they perceive learning as a joyful experience and thus, are much better prepared to enter the mainstream school.

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